Token Overview

Name: CE

Symbol: CE

Deployed On: 2024-04-18 02:31:31 UTC

Blockchain: BNB Chain

Contract Address: 0x6d63331002484cf5fb9a9c0dc1833be6bf0e9505

Creator Address: UNKNOWN

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Real-Time Honeypot Check – Verify if the token is a honeypot.

Financials & Supply Information

Price: 0.00261045200675820994

Liquidity: 474

Market Cap: 782

Total Supply: 299,900

Circulating Supply: 299,700

Holders: 5 unique addresses

Token Audit Summary

Honeypot StatusFalseIndicates if the token has mechanisms that could prevent selling.
Contract VerificationFalseShows whether the token’s contract is verified for transparency.
Buy Tax10The tax rate applied to buying transactions.
Sell Tax5The tax rate applied to selling transactions.
Ownership RenouncedTrueWhether the original creators have given up control over the contract.
Proxy EnabledFalseIf the contract can be upgraded or changed via a proxy contract.
MintableUNKNOWNIndicates if new tokens can be created post-launch.
DestructableUNKNOWNWhether the contract can be destroyed, removing it from the blockchain.
External CallsUNKNOWNIf the contract interacts with other contracts or addresses.
Hidden OwnershipUNKNOWNShows if the owner’s identity is obscured within the contract.
PausableUNKNOWNWhether the contract allows pausing the token transfers.
Cooldown MechanismUNKNOWNIndicates a mandatory wait time between transactions.
Transaction LimitUNKNOWNIf there’s a cap on the amount or number of transactions in a given timeframe.
Balances ModifiableUNKNOWNWhether the token balances can be altered externally.
Ownership ModifiableUNKNOWNIf the contract ownership can be transferred or changed.
Tax ModifiableUNKNOWNIndicates if the transaction tax rate can be adjusted.
Wallet TaxUNKNOWNShows if specific wallets are taxed differently from standard transactions.
Blacklist FunctionalityUNKNOWNWhether the contract can blacklist addresses, preventing their participation.
Whitelist ExemptionsUNKNOWNIf certain addresses are exempt from restrictions or taxes applied to general users.

Frequently Asked Questions

Buying and Selling Tokens

How do I buy CE (CE)?

To purchase CE, use decentralized exchanges (DEXs) like PancakeSwap or 1inch. For direct links and the best routes, refer to the ‘View Token Chart’ section on our site.

Token Information

What is the current price of CE (CE)?

The current price of CE is approximately 0.00261045200675820994. For the most recent price, please check the chart link provided in the Token Overview section.

What is CE’s (CE) contract address?

The smart contract address for CE is 0x6d63331002484cf5fb9a9c0dc1833be6bf0e9505. Always verify the address on official sources before any transactions.

What is the market cap of CE (CE)?

The market capitalization of CE is 782. This figure is calculated by multiplying the current token price by its circulating supply.

Liquidity and Trading Volume

How much liquidity is in the CE liquidity pool?

There is currently 474 in liquidity for CE. This amount can provide insights into the market’s depth and stability.

Technical Questions

Does CE (CE) have a buy or sell tax?

CE has a buy tax of 10% and a sell tax of 5%. These taxes can affect transaction costs.

How many holders does CE (CE) have?

As of now, CE is held by 5 unique addresses, indicating its distribution and adoption rate.

When was CE (CE) launched?

CE was deployed on 2024-04-18 02:31:31 UTC, marking its introduction to the BNB Chain.

Security Checks

How can I perform a real-time honeypot check on CE?

To verify if CE is a honeypot, use the Real-Time Honeypot Check link provided at the top of the Token Overview section.